FOOD BANK: Salame of Wild Boar from Apennine Mountains

FOOD BANK: Salame of Wild Boar from Apennine Mountains


An unique salame made with Alpine wild boar meat.


Wild boars graze in wild forests on Tuscany hills. The animals feed on acorns which this area of Tuscany is particularly rich due to the presence of a high number of evergreen oaks. Forests provide also chestnuts, tubers, roots, truffles etc, highly nutritious food that is natural.

Wild boar salames are 100% natural, without any additives, flavorings, preservatives, nitrites. It is GMO and antibiotics free.


Cut thin slices and enjoy with a glass of good red wine. Serve with other appetizers such as olives, cheeses etc. Salames preserve nicely for 3 months.


Preserve cured meats in fridge. You can keep them in food paper. Never use any covered boxes, because cured meats need breathing. After cutting, cover the cut area with food film to avoid drying. Shelf life is 3-4 months.


This product is extremely rare and available in very limited quantities in limited periods. Reserving is the best way to guarantee yourself the availability of these rare taste adventures. Reserving requires 100% prepayment. After you have made the order, invoice will be issued. You will also receive the reservation document with a date of delivery. Read more about Food Bank.